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Colour matching of Hairbands

Colour matching of Hairbands

Issue Time:2019/05/16
Folding Colour Matching

1. If the color of clothing is more floral, the hairband should not choose another color; if the color of clothing is more simple and elegant, you can choose the color or color of jumping, of course, it is better to have a echo with other accessories, such as belt or bag or shoes.

Hair ribbon color matching

2. Usually the color of hairband is best related to clothing. Patterned clothes can be matched with monochrome Hairbands of one of the colors. For example, monochrome clothing can also be matched with this monochrome patterned hairband.

3. If you want to appear quiet and elegant, you should take the same color system as the clothing. For example, if the clothing is goose yellow, you should use coffee; if you show enthusiasm and boldness, you should use contrast color, such as a navy blue dress with bright red hair band.

4. Darker complexion, choose Milky white, pink hair band will appear charming; if the complexion is fair, wear brown or blue hair band will appear dignified and elegant.