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Making materials for hairpins

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Making materials for hairpins
Issue Time:2019-05-16
Iron hairpins are rare in metal hairpins, but hairpins made of flat steel wire with better elasticity are very common, and almost every woman uses them. Copper hairpins do not rust and have a golden luster. They are beautiful and practical, and are very popular. The hairpin made of aluminium and aluminium alloy is exquisite and novel. The hairpin is fine, glossy and plated with silver or gold, which is comparable to real silver and real gold hairpins. With the listing of gold and silver jewelry, hairpins made of gold and silver have entered the women's world quietly. These hairpins are luxurious but expensive. Most of them are purchased by women who are ready to get married. They can be worn at wedding banquets and preserved as souvenirs and relics for marriage.