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Headband introduction

Headband introduction

Issue Time:2019/05/16
Also known as sports headband; the original function of headband is to fix hair, prevent hair from covering the eyes, and prevent sweat into the eyes. The headband has a delicate and soft appearance. It has good air permeability and strong sweat absorption. It is especially suitable for people to use in sports, fitness and leisure. It is an excellent sporting goods, headdress, embroidery pattern and LOGO designated by customers. It is an ideal advertising promotional gift. We can customize various sizes and colors of advertising headbands according to customers'needs.

In mountain climbing, cross-country and other sports, due to the relationship between intense exercise, the human head will be hot and sweaty, and the temperature is very different from the outside world. At this time, wearing a hat will be sultry and hot, and not wearing a hat because of the cold wind is easy to catch cold. This is the best way to tie a headband on the forehead. It not only plays the role of warmth and cold protection, but also is a good decoration.